What MirC setup do I need?

I’m wanting to set up control of a remote pump and am a little confused with what options I need. I’m looking at the MirCR2x_KIT relay. 1 mile range would be acceptable. The description says you can achieve a 4-9 mile range with 2.1db dipole antennas. Is that the same as the 2.4GHz dipole antenna? If so, does that work with the 900MHz communications module that comes with the kit?

Then in reading the quick start guide I’m unsure how these range options relate to MirCR2x_KIT.

300 Feet (802.15.4 Communication Technology, Short Range Line of Site)
300 Feet (Bluetooth Communication Technology, Security Encrypted Short Range Line of Site)
1 Mile (802.15.4 Communication Technology Medium Range Line of Site)
2 Mile (XSC Communication Technology, Long Range Line of Site, Two Small Antennas)
15 Miles (XSC Communication Technology Long Range Line of Site, Requires Two Large Roof-Mounted Antennas)

Thanks for the help.

Hi Matthew,

That user guide is a bit outdated and not completely relevant anymore. We only sell the MirC products with the 2 mile range option now so it’s standard. These modules operate on 900mhz and antennas required for achieving 2 mile range are included(6" long omni directional antennas).

Sorry for the confusion there. I will put revising that guide on my todo list.

Let me know if you have any other questions.