What Connector is used for GPIO on Fusion Boards?

Board Used: Fusion 1-Channel SPDT Relay Controller with 16 GPIO or ADC and I2C)

Question 1) Does this board have the option to use screw terminals instead of barrel jacks?

Question 2) What connector do I need to use to pull the GPIO on the product above - it appears that it might be a 14-pin Molex connector.

No screw terminals available. Power must be connected via 2.1mm barrel.

This adapter board converts the Molex connector to screw terminals:

Thanks for the answers Travis,

Regarding the second question,

I would prefer to use the molex connector for the GPIO - can you tell me what part number I need to interface with it? Or provide a cable I can use instead?

I do not have a part number for the cable we provide at the moment, however this guide outlines the pinout of the connector:

If we can’t get the Molex connector could you tell us what connector is on the actual board circled in red? I believe these are the dual 8-channel GPIO’s, which is what I need. If I knew those connectors, perhaps I could figure out which molex connector I need to use. I can’t use this expansion cable 6 Inch (152mm) UXP Expansion Cable - store.ncd.io because it is a ribbon cable and I need to feed each of the 8 GPIO channels to a different location.