What cellular LTE SIM Plans with STATIC IP are you guys using?

I’m trying to find a cellular plan that also provides an IP address, preferably a static IP. I’ve been asking for “bring your own connected device” plans. Is that what I should be asking providers for?

Has anyone found a way to discover the assigned IP address of the SIM on their own? My current plan I just signed up for doesn’t include a static IP. They can’t even tell me what the assigned IP is. (T-Mobile)

To my knowledge this is not something Cellular providers typically provide. It’s a security issue for the user and 99.99% of Cellular devices are not acting as a server.

A better alternative may be to use a VPN. Or send telemetry to a cloud service.

You’ll have an external IP. Google “what is my IP” from or doing a curl to something like https://ipinfo.io/ip

It doesn’t particularly matter tho as no cellular provider will allow incoming network traffic unless you maybe work out some deal with them. If you need to get info into the cellular device I would recommend utilizing an MQTT server or something similar.

If you have one of our Enterprise Gateways and want to have remote access Robustel does have a VPN that can do this: Remote & Fleet Management with RCMS for the Enterprise Gateway - NCD.io

Appreciate the info!!