What address to Read from an I2C device?

I am using VB to modify Alpha Station and create a new controller. When using the function status = NCDLib.I2CBasic.Read(NCDComponent1, &H44, 6) what address do I send for the I2C device read… The base I2C address? Is it preshifted for the device (&H88)? Since this is for a read do I set the address LSB to 1 ?

Are there docs that detail these issues somewhere?


UPDATE: Got the issues above resolved… just use the unshifted I2C address. All the other stuff is handled by the functions. Still would like to know the location of docs if they exist.

Please see the “Resources” tab on the product page, our USB to I2C Converter is heavily documented.
Yes, use the Datasheet I2C start address, also, you can use the QuickScan function in Alpha Station to see the start address if you are uncertain. Also, the read function MUST be preceded by a write function or it will never work. The read function is ONLY for really slow devices. Use WriteRead function instead to greatly speed up communications. (I2C Devices are always write only or write then read, they are NEVER read only, you must execute a write before a read to set the address of the read pointer). Hope this helps.