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I work for an environmental consulting firm and would be interested in a webinar to learn about NCD service line. How can I go about scheduling?


I apologize for the delay.

We don’t hold webinars often. Generally our customers prefer one on one communications to talk about how the product line can be used in their particular application.


No problem Jacob! That makes sense. My team prefers to understand the entire service line of potential partners so we can keep you in mind as new projects / pursuits arise. Do you think a 30 minute webinar on your services would be possible?

Eventually we hope to, but the product line is diverse enough that a lot of thought would need to be put into the presentation to push the right message for each product line.

If I had to write it (I’m not a great marketing guy) I would say that we have 3 main product lines: Enterprise, Rapid Development, and Industrial.

Enterprise is our latest technology based around long range wireless data aggregation and control. Primarily we’re supporting it through Node-Red which is a no-code application solution. Realistically you can use any of our Enterprise libraries (my Python library is falling behind due to time) to integrate into your application or translate into the language of your choice. Great for cloud based applications and predictive analytics.

Rapid Development I like to think of as IoT Legos. Snap a temperature sensor onto a PWM and you can make an automated duct baffle regulator with a bit of code. Combine a Temp/Humidity sensor with a Lux sensor and a Particle Photon, you have a greenhouse monitor with built in Particle Cloud access. This line requires coding on the boards themselves, but its flexible enough to fulfill almost any IoT application.

Industrial is primarily for control application requiring Serial or TCP based communications. No code on the boards, just send the correct command bytes using the APIs and the boards will last for years. This series also has a few non-computer controlled options like the Mirror Series which monitors contact closure and activates remote relays without a computer in-between.

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