Web API empty response - webiControlRespond

I am able to successfully connect to the relays using the web-i interface. I can see from the network console, POST requests being made to the /webi_control.cgi endpoint. But the response is always coming back as webiControl_Callback({"webiControlRespond":"::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::"});

And here are the debug messages from the console log.

sent command(s): (dec)[170,4,254,48,0,0,220]
(index):789 sent command(s): (dec)[170,3,254,124,1,40]
(index):1076 received bytes: (dec)[] (hex)[00]
(index):1081 Response header was not 170, packet may be invalid
(index):1085 Checksum:  is incorrect. Expected checksum of: NaN

Any idea what might be the issue here? I am simply testing to Turn on/off relay 1 in this example.


You will need set the connection type to Web-i through the NCD Config Tool: https://github.com/ncd-io/ncd_Ethernet/raw/main/NCD%20Config%20Tool/NCD%20ConfigTool%20V2.exe

The default setting will be to respond to TCP only. If the connection type is TCP the module will execute the commands, but will not send a proper response.