Vibration sensor v3 does not communicate with the gateway

Hello, a few months ago we acquired the Smart Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration Temperature Sensor and the NCD mqtt micro Gateway, we configured the Gateway and the sensor according to the NCD instructions (for this sensor it is very confusing because there is a lot of contradiction) and we could see the telemetry of the sensor in the Gateway configuration interface. After a couple of months the sensor batteries ran out (the sensor was configured to send the information every 15 min), the sensor was some weeks without batteries and after the replacement, our sensor did not communicate anymore with the Gateway, we tried to restore both the sensor and the Gateway and we were not successful. The sensor was left with the red led flashing (lights every 5 seconds) but the led lights with very little intensity (difficult to see when it lights), can you help me to solve the problem?

how many times the led is blinking ?

The red LED flashes once every 5 seconds constantly.

I have the exact same problem. Batteries died, replaced them. Now only the red light is on for 5 seconds, turns off, then back on for 5 seconds. No longer seen by the enterprise IIoT gateway.

Did this get resolved?

can you share a video.
what sensor type do you have ?

will you have some time to get on a zoom call ?

Hi Anil,

I have the “Smart Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration Temperature Sensor”. The video was too large to upload directly, so I am providing it as a youtube link here:

can you send me direct message with the link ?

It was very difficult to find a way to direct message you and when I did, it said I wasn’t allowed to message you. I also couldn’t find your email address on the website. So instead I uploaded the video to youtube and updated the post above. I hope that works.

sure thing

Any thoughts on this?

The device is not able to send the very first communication message due to radio error.
so it keeps rebooting and keep retrying.
what modem or gateway are you using ?
are you available for a call ?

I am using the Enterprise IIoT Gateway. I am available for a call all day. You can send me an invite via email?