Vibration Sensor Time Series (each packet)

Hi! I was able to get the X[0]-X[1]-Y[0]-Y[1]-Z[0]-Z[1] of each of the 340 samples. A sample value I got is 00 D0 FF 71 00 6C. How do I convert this to g? I read the manual but either a) my conversion to G is incorrect or b) my parsing is incorrect.

Here’s a screenshot of my raw readings. For this raw data, would my parsing here be correct:

Sensor Address: 00:13:A2:00:41:C3:8A:CA
Node ID: 0
Packet Counter: 12
ODR: 15
Sample 320: FF(X0) 58(X1) 00(Y0) FF(Y1) FF(Z0) 4B(Z1)

The 2 byte data samples are integer counts of the acceleration and must be converted into acceleration unit(g) by dividing the count value with 2048 since 1 count equals 0.488mg .