Vib.sensor V2 - no values

Hello there,

we got our modem and sensors today. The modem is successfully connect via USB and WiFi. Both sensors (frequency meter and vibration v2) are talking to the modem.

But we can not get any measurements from the vibration sensor (except for battery voltage):

There is no encryption set up and we have tried different PAN IDs (0x7fff, 0x7ff7 etc). The sensor module KX222 is also connected to sensor node.

Do you have any idea how we can get the data?

Best regards,

Hi Oliver,
This error comes when the MCU can not communicate with the sensor module.

I will recommend checking cable inside the box and also near the sensor module.


Hey Bhaskar,

the connection looks good to me:

can you try removing the cable from both side and connect it back and then reset the sensor.

I have tried this now several times, without any success…

a new probe and sensor is on your way.

In meantime can you open the black sensor box and see if you can see anything disconnected or loose.

Thank you very much so far! We will ship the other sensor on monday.

The sensor’s inside looks good… I tried to measure the supply voltage for the sensor. But I could not find a stable voltage at the connector. What is the pinout for the cable? Black = ground, white = VCC, white/red = I2C?
white/green/red<>black is around 3V, but with 240mV rms. Supply for XBee SX module (pin 2) is 3,28 VDC. Maybe there is an issue with sensor’s voltage regulator?

Btw, the silkscreen says “LSM9DS1” and the label on case “KX222”.

ohhhhh… we build two vibration probes and looks like you got the other sensor box.

no need to ship it back… apologies !!!

i will create an NC to our production dept and see how it happened.

Oh, ok. Things can occasionally go wrong.
Do you think the sensor is defect or can it be brought to life with other firmware, for example? I still have a STK500v2 lying around.

its a hardware firmware mismatch,… on board MCU is different as well for LSM9DS1 vibration sensor.

Does this also requires another mainboard pcb? If not, I can try to change and flash it. Or maybe you could flash the IC and send it to keep the firmware. It must not be electtronic waste :slight_smile: