Verify wiring for 4-20mA for mcp3428

I am seeking help to clarify wiring to the mcp3428 board. I have:
I am using an omega pressure sensor with 4-20mA output (px215-300GI) along with an external power supply of 12V. I am unsure about which connection in the wiring diagram refers to the (+) terminal on the sensor. Just want to make sure so that I don’t burn anything on the board. I have attached the image from the resources section. Can you verify which terminal on the sensor is (+). Thank you

I would recommend contacting the manufacturer to see if they can provide more information. I do not know why that sensor would label the terminals + and -.

It is possible that I am making it more confusing for myself. The manufacturer calls them out as pin 1 to the (+) of the supply and pins 2 to the (-) as shown in the attached image. (I am also using the px419-100GI sensor). So if pin 1 goes to the (+) of the power supply, then pin2, which is called out going to the (-) in the attached image will go into the signal connection on the board. I think this would be correct, but electricity diagrams are always confusing about positive connects to negative, etc. Again, just didn’t want to burn out anything without reason Thank you greatly for your assistance.

sensor + to power +
sensor - to board +
power - to board -


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