VCC vs VOut on "0-10V DAC I2C"

I have a technical question regarding the “One Channel 0-10V DAC I2C Digital To Analog Converter”.

Given the datasheet, the device supports VCC-Range 2.7 - 5.5V, but the default value seems to be 5V.

I just wanted to ask if supplied with 3V the DAC is still capable of outputing the full 0-10V VOut-Range, and if VOut may start jittering.

The “supply” is the I2C Bus, which will be 5V.

Thanks for the fast reply, but I already saw that picture.

The I2C-Supply is labeled 5V, but the embedded DAC (VCC = 2.7 - 5.5V) doesn’t seem to need 5V in particular.
That’s why I’m not sure by myself if it HAS to be 5V, and if there may be compilations.

Our connector has only a 3V pin at the moment, and we don’t want to redesign the whole mainboard for this one device.

it will need 5V, the reason is the MCP4725 usages vcc as ref voltage.
currently the gain is set to 2. so the vout goes from 0-10V when the vcc is 5V. if you change the vcc to 3V then it will go from 0-6V only.

The other way to solve the is by modifying the board and set the gain to around 3.5, then it will go from 0-10V.
this will need hardware modification.

i will recommend using a 3V to 5V booster and you will be able to use 0-10V dac with your current setup.
something like this one

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