Using USBtoI2C adapter with generic I2C devices

Specifically, I’m trying to use this adapter to talk to a AD7446 (capacitance meter), through its AD- CN0552 dev board. I assume this adapter can work with devices other than NCD’s? The goal is to manually write and read to this device with simple serial writes and reads from any high level language. I did use the ANYI2C utility (obviously, the device is not found on the list). Scan seems to work, finds a device at 0x00 and 0x78. Do not have strong familiarity with the I2C protocol. I have read the AD7446 datasheet, which includes the address descriptions. I was hoping I could find a quick way to hook up, power up and read/write. Any suggestions?

Check the guides under the resources section on this page:

There you will find documentation on writing and reading over the I2C interface.