Using Pressure sensor

I’m very new to this. I have used an MirC to control a pump and like what it does. I just saw that there are pressure sensors and would like to use a pressure sensor to monitor the pressure in a mainline and am not seeing how I can make it work. I would need a 0-100 psi sensor. Typically, my pressure sensors are on a 1/4 pipe thread plug and they read milivolts. I am wondering how I would be able to use the sensors sold here in that application.

Also, once I get that figured out, I will need some help figuring out the easiest platform for me to use. Thanks


MirC is used for wirelessly transmitting a dry contact closure signal and is commonly used in pump/reservoir applications like you have described. With this system you have an input board and an output board so they are sort of a closed system. My question is what do you want to do with the 0-100 psi reading? Are you just wanting to close a contact when it gets above or below certain values, do you simply want to wirelessly replicate the voltage signal output by the sensor, or do you want to be able to view the sensor reading in some sort of user interface software?

I’m hoping to be able to remotely monitor the pressure, I would like a graph showing historical pressure too. If i could use the current sensor and replicate it’s reading, that would be ideal (using a wika pressure transducer 4-20miliamp output). I won’t be using it as a switch of any kind. When I get this figured out, my next project will be similar except monitoring humidity, temperature and possibly ‘atmoshperic’ pressure in a storage system so, as I move to understanding a new platform, I would like one that is expandable and can lump all my desired sensors together for easy monitoring.


You can use a wireless 4-20mA receiver to read the 4-20mA pressure transducer.

You can use this product to monitor temp humidity

In near future we will be releasing a new wireless sensor which will monitor temp, humidity and pressure all in one sensor.