Using multiple 4-20mA sensors on the same machine

We have an application where we want to use (4) 4 - 20 mA loop powered sensors on the same piece of equipment. We do not want to use 4 separate 4-20 mA current receivers. In this case (2) 2 wire vibration sensors and (2) non contact (4 wire) temperature sensors. We also want to be able to mix and match the sensors to the application, so in some cases it may be 4 separate types of 4-20 mA output sensors.

What is the right product to use when installing multiple 24V loop powered sensors on the same machine with the ability to read all 4 outputs values independently?

Thank you.

Hi Mark,
This will be the ideal product

while placing the order mention this in special instruction " set loop supply to 24V".
By default the 4-20mA loop supply is set to 16V.



Thank you for your quick response. How would we get the data out without using Labview? We are using Node-Red/MQTT to get the data to the cloud for other devices. Is this product Node-Red compatible?


Hi Mark,
This board works like this
Send a command and it will respond back with results. The commands can be fund in product manual. It can be used with Node red.

@jacob do we have node red support for end node devices ?