Using ESP8266 I2C to connect to Home Assistant

I am wanting to use an ESP8266 with an I2C adapter to connect a Dual 120VAC Mains Voltage Monitor.

I have had the components for several years, but want to set them up to record incoming voltage to my home.

I didn’t see any code samples for the components, have they been moved to somewhere other than the product pages?

Is anyone using the ESP8266 or 32 to talk to Home Assistant?


This sample code was developed for Particle but could be easily ported to your platform(ESP8266):

I am sure there are plentiful resources online for connecting ESP8266 devices to Home Assistant but that is not something we generally do here. We work mainly with Industrial IoT.

Thanks Travis, it has been a long time since I have used CE / NDC module, but I have over $1000 invested in them. Currently I am working to identify what I have and how I can use them.

Strange that the code that you sent me is some that I modified for Anil Bhaskar a long time ago (5 years).