Using 4-20 Current Receiver I2C on a 3.3 V board?

Hi, I am hoping to use this 4-20 mA receiver board and some nodelink adapter (this one for an uno or maybe the due one since it’s also a 3.3 V board? ?) on a Adafruit 3.3 v logic board. I read some comments in the forum but saw different answers as to whether this board combo would still work? I’m new to I2C and trying to figure out if I’ll let the magic smoke out if I connect this up.

Yes, the 4-20mA board will work uno adapter.
If the mast i2c device only supports 3.3V then you should use a level shifter between the 4-20mA board and the master.

Thanks for the reply. To confirm, is that this board?

Yes this is correct level shifter