Unknown NCD Gateway Node

I have had a working communication between a Mega Modem and a Preventative Maintenance Sensor but now receiving an Unknown NCD Gate Node error when running the node-red flow. Not sure what has changed, but don’t see the NCD gateway when trying to search in node-red. Currently I have node.js version v16.16.0 and node-red version v3.1.7. The Mega Modem light is still flashing Green.

Hi Guy,

Was the Mega Modem connected to the Node-Red Gateway Node previously or were you connected via some other software?

In the Gateway node you will need to manually specify the IP address of the Mega Modem and enter port number 2101, unless you changed the TCP Server port setting on the Mega Modem previously.

Yes the Mega Modem was connected through the Node-Red Gateway previously. I will check the port number but shouldn’t have changed.

The port number was the same 2101, I updated a couple of settings that changed. The WIFI was not enabled and the MQTT Host Port was blank and updated to 1883.

However when I run Node-Red I still have the same error and do not see “ncd” under filter nodes.

I tried npm rebuild and it worked this time. I might have not logged in as administrator before.