Unable to locate the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine

ncd.io Enterprise Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensor with Time series.exe

I downloaded this file from the ncd.io website. The error message says it requires version 2017 (or compatible) so I installed the 2017 SP1 LabVIEW Run-Time Engine but it still says the runtime is not installed. What else do I need to do to run these files?


Hi tim,
Did you download the 32 bit version. sometime users download the 64 bit thinking their windows is 64 bit.


Thanks. That’s what it was. The files apparently are specific to both version and bitness. I have one file that would only work with 32-bit version 2019 and another that would only work with 32-bit version 2017. I had installed the 64-bit versions so none of the files would work.

Earlier they used to have download links for all version but now its all on one page and sometime creats the issue.