Unable to connect thermocouple to zigmo router

Im having a similar issue with this post
Cannot connect to sensor using Zigmo/router

And currently using this sensor:

I have reloaded the recovery router configuration files into the zigmo router, and reset the thermocouple to default configurations multiple times. However im still unable to get any data that is sent when using xctu and alpha station

Would like some assistance on this matter.

I will recommend checking following things

  1. is the sensor powered up
  2. the default network id of the Zigmo/modem needs to be 0x7FFF
  3. both devices need antenna
  4. minimum distance between sensor and modem needs to be around 3 feet.
  1. I am using new sets of energizer batteries to power the sensor and set the jumper to the PS pins. I assume that it is powered up, it is impossible to tell without any indicator though.
  2. I have checked the configuration settings for the zigmo in xctu and alpha station, both are saying the network id is 0x7FFF
  3. I have connected both devices with the accompanying 900mhz antenna.
  4. And have placed both devices more than 3 feet away from each other. When i use xctu to scan the network, the thermocouple is not detected.

it wont show in xctu scan because the sensor is sleeping.

Please use alpha station

After opening the alpha station hit reset on the thermocouple and sensor will send a broadcast.

I am using alpha station, and did as you suggested, and am not getting any broadcast messages from the sensor.

My zigmo is connected to the computer as COM7, and baud rate is 115200. I have tried switching USB ports on the same machine and still the same issue. I have tried pressing the reset button and waiting for a response on alpha station and also tried pressing reset and then holding configure for more than 15seconds, and still the same issue. Im not getting any response on alpha station.

can you share the picture of the sensor board. want to make sure the power jumper is correct?


Everything looks good.
Please create a private ticket. we can have remote session.