Unable to connect the NCD sound sensor to NCD MQTT gateway

The Sound sensor of model/PR55-47S is unable to be selected/detected in the web console of Micro Gateway MQtt device of model/PR55-21 MQTT. Is this sensor not supported by the MqTT gateway? From the document Wireless IoT Sensors Support Map - NCD.io too understood the sound sensor not supported in the MQTT gateway. Please confirm whether sound sensor mentioned not supported by the MQTT gateway.

The Type 92 sound sensor was not previously supported by the MQTT Gateway. I just pushed a firmware update so it will support it now. You can update your MQTT Gateway by following instructions outlined here:

Thanks Travis for your inputs and reply.

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We were able to upgrade the firmware of the wifi micro controller gateway mqtt and also connect with the Sound sensor. We observed the sensed sound data is always 0. We are a little concern why always the sensed sound data value is 0. Tried to create some noise in environment too…but the data is always 0. Some insights into this will be useful. Thanks in advance.