UL, CE, CSA Certification

I am Sergio Sanabria from Skylit, a company based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

We bought you recently a couple of Wireless Contact Closure set (Relay Controllers), those were installed and have worked properly. However, the utility company after an electrical inspection they ask for a CSA, UL, IEC certification or similar.

How do you certify that the product complies with the USA or Canadian Electrical code??


Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of our web site here:

Please let us know if you need anything else.


According to this “NCD Products inherit FCC certifications within the United States by use of FCC compliant radio communications hardware and compliant accessories”, Could you sent me that certification(s)

According to this . “While individual circuit boards and components may carry these certifications”, could you sent me the certification only of the relay?


It may be necessary to contact the relay manufacturer, but complete datasheets for each relay type we offer can be found here:

Thanks, and for the FCC certification?

FCC certification will depend heavily on which part exactly you are using. Please identify the order number or part number and we can refer you to the relevant documents.