Type 90 1 Channel DC Current wiring

We have the 1 Channel DC Current sensors, Type 90. When the Type 90’s arrived they wiring is slightly different than the prototype we had, specifically the colors of the wires going into the DC Clamp.

The Prototype wire pattern is 1. Grey 2. Black 3. Blue 4. Brown on the harness connecting to the DC Clamp and the white cable was cut short.

One cable included with the Type 90 only had four cables exposed, with grey cut short. The rest that I unboxed had five bare wires.

How should these be wired. Should we follow the prototype?

the new units are based on gen 2 hardware and firmware

Thank you for the update. I got the wiring matched but the readings are not making sense. I have tried this on three different units. Then on a fourth unit before we connected anything to the device we powered it on and got a reading of 2 amps with raw ADC of 315

  1. When the cable is connected to the transmitter box but disconnected from the clamp i get a reading of 1.9 amps
  2. When the cable is connected and the clamp is around a wire but no power is flowing I get a reading of 2.1 amps.
  3. Same as above but when power is flowing at .95 amps I get a reading of 2.6 amps


spilt core CT works on electric field measurement principle. most of these do not read any data when current is below the 1.5% of the FS( full scale). in these case the data we will get will be considered as noise.

wrap the wire around the CT few times and that should increase the current.