Type 80 Data Display

Hi, I have a type 80 sensor and I would like to display data for:

  1. Displacement(mm) for each axis VS Frequency (kHz)
  2. Velocity for each axis VS Frequency (kHz)
  3. Acceleration for each axis VS Frequency (kHz)
  4. Amplitude VS Frequency (kHz)
  5. Temperature

Can you provide the JSON file for the following data?


Can you explain further?

Are you saying you’re using Node-Red and you would like to use Node-Red-Dashboard widgets to display this data? If so are you looking for real time data widgets like gauges, charts to show trends, charts which reference data base where readings are stored, etc? This is very open ended.

We have a video here on using widgets to display data:

I recommend checking other videos on the ncdio YouTube channel as well.