Type 80,81,82 Cable Assembly Part Numbers

Hey guys,

Do you have part numbers for the Cable Assemblies for the following sensors?:

Industrial IoT Wireless Predictive Maintenance Sensor V3
Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration Temperature Sensor V3
Industrial IoT Wireless 2 Channel Vibration Temperature Sensor V3

There seem to be two cable assembles,
M12 with Metal Threaded Vibration Sensor
M12 with Thermocouple and Amp Clamp

I know the bottom right photo isnt a V3 sensor, but if you have it handy, that part number would be useful too!

We are beginning to track these in our systems and would like to make sure our part numbers are aligning, or if we needed to order them seperately for damaged/replacement.

Hi Kyle,

Currently we do not offer the cable assemblies by themselves on the site for purchase. For this reason we do not have part numbers for them, they are just included in the parent product(the sensor) Perhaps @Anil_Bhaskar can comment on whether or not we should make them available for individual purchase, I however would think this would be more of a component that would only be supplied via RMA warranty repair/replacement.