Trying to program a PR54-6 (esp32) with the PR16-8-5a relay board

Ok guys I’m new to this so sorry for dumb questions. I used Arduino before and what I needed worked fine but I am having the hardest time getting this ESP 32 to do anything. I have tried uploading in particle IDE and also Ardruino IDE with no luck. What I need is for the program to open each relay for 12 mins each, one at a time when board is powered on then stop program. I am using the NCD4 relay with a PR54-6 (esp32) electron board.

Here is the code I used.

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`// Define the GPIO pins for the relays
#define RELAY1_PIN 5
#define RELAY2_PIN 18
#define RELAY3_PIN 19
#define RELAY4_PIN 21

// Define the time each relay will be active in milliseconds
#define RELAY_ON_TIME 12 * 60 * 1000 // 12 minutes

void setup() {
// Initialize serial communication

// Initialize the relay pins as outputs

// Ensure all relays are off at the start
digitalWrite(RELAY1_PIN, LOW);
digitalWrite(RELAY2_PIN, LOW);
digitalWrite(RELAY3_PIN, LOW);
digitalWrite(RELAY4_PIN, LOW);

void loop() {
// Activate Relay 1
Serial.println(“Relay 1 ON”);
digitalWrite(RELAY1_PIN, HIGH);
Serial.println(“Relay 1 OFF”);
digitalWrite(RELAY1_PIN, LOW);

// Activate Relay 2
Serial.println(“Relay 2 ON”);
digitalWrite(RELAY2_PIN, HIGH);
Serial.println(“Relay 2 OFF”);
digitalWrite(RELAY2_PIN, LOW);

// Activate Relay 3
Serial.println(“Relay 3 ON”);
digitalWrite(RELAY3_PIN, HIGH);
Serial.println(“Relay 3 OFF”);
digitalWrite(RELAY3_PIN, LOW);

// Activate Relay 4
Serial.println(“Relay 4 ON”);
digitalWrite(RELAY4_PIN, HIGH);
Serial.println(“Relay 4 OFF”);
digitalWrite(RELAY4_PIN, LOW);

Any help would be great.

I am able to load with the Ardruino IDE be pressing the buttons at just the right time on the ESP32 but was not able to get it to load on particle. Sometimes the light on the ESP32 is blue sometimes it has blue and red. Can’t find much on what that means. This version has the bluetooth and wifi modules on it, but I am not using those. Ive learned you must press reset and CFG button when loading and hold the config button until it starts loading or it will say it’s not in programming mode.

the relays are controlled by MCP23008

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