Troubleshooting UAD1216 Analog Input



I am trying to troubleshoot a 0-5VDC signal from a pressure transducer wired to a UAD1216 expansion board. Everything looks like it is wired correctly and I can confirm a voltage output from the sensor, but Base Station shows all channels as reading 5V.


  1. ZUXPSR32xDPDTPROXR with an UAD1216 connected to the UXP port. 12VDC supply connected through barrel connector on the board.

  2. 3-Wire pressure sensor with 0-5VDC signal.
    a. Excitation+ wired to “+” on 12VDC terminal strip on the Relay Board.
    b. Excitation - wired to “-” on 12VDC terminal strip on the Relay Board.
    c. Signal wired to UAD1216 Channel 0 terminal B.

  3. Both up/down jumpers on the UAD1216 are in the DOWN position.

  4. Device jumper on the UAD1216 is in the “0” position.


  1. Pressure sensor is outputting 1.6V on signal wire.

  2. Using Base Station software to monitor the UAD1216 with “UXP AD1216 Analog to Digital Conversion Command Set” screen.

  3. “Monitor Device 0” is checked.

  4. Clicking “Read 8-Bit 1-Channel at a Time” returns all 16 channels with “255 5V”

  5. Clicking “Read 12-Bit 1-Channel at a Time” returns all 16 channels with “4056 5V”

  6. Moving the “8-15” jumper to the UP position gives the same results.


  1. It’s possible the wiring incorrect. From the description above can you confirm if the wiring is right? Is there a manual that shows wiring examples rather than a photo with captions?

  2. It’s possible the main relay board isn’t communicating with the UAD1216. Is there a way to determine this with Base Station or some other software?

I know this is long, but I am trying to provide as much detail as possible to resolve this quickly. I have already combed the website without much success. If there is something I have missed, please direct me to the appropriate resource.

Please let me know if you need any other information as well as your thoughts.

Thank you.

If your UAD1216 is a black board then it will have pull up/dwn jumpers on it. In order to monitor external 0-5VDC signals those jumpers need to be in the DWN position. Also you must make sure the GND from the external 0-5VDC signal is shared with the UAD1216 board. If you have trouble please post a photo showing how you have everything wired.

The UAD1216 is a black board. I have both jumpers in the down position. The ground for the 0-5VDC was wired to the “-” on the relay board which I believe is connected to the UAD1216 through the UXP connection cable. To be certain I added a jumper wire from “-” terminal on the relay board to the “A” terminal on the UAD1216. I then tried monitoring the inputs through the Base Station software. I am still getting the same results as before. (4095 5V for all inputs)

I am attaching a photo of the wiring

The wire code is:
White = Signal +
Green = Signal/Excitation -
Brown = Excitation +
Grey = Shield
Blue = Jumper between “-” on relay board to “A” on UAD1216

Please let me know if you need anything or further clarification


Just checking to see if you have had a chance to review and have any other suggestions or if you believe I have a bad board.

The only thing we can come up with is the ADC chip on board being damaged. We cannot find anything wrong with what you are doing. Would you be willing to send the UAD1216 board if for repair? If so you can fill out and follow RMA instructions here: