Troubleshooting 3 Channel Thermocouple Module

I have one (of six) new 3-Channel Thermocouple unit that is not showing up in Alpha Station when trying to commission it.
Batteries have voltage, there appears to be no damage to the PCB. All connections are snug. Is there a schematic I can use to diagnose with a DMM? If I could verify that there is voltage on the board past the switch and on the radio transmitter I think that would give me a good start on determining if I have a hardware issue on my hands.

Order # 502328


Does the sensor mand modem have the same radio freq module?

They should. The XBee unit in the module is the same as the others that communicate with the modem.


can you measure the voltage across pin 1 and 10 on the xbee module
I just got the test report screenshot from production for this order

Sorry for the delayed response. I have been away from the campus where we use this device.

No voltage across pins 1 & 10.

Just to make sure that the switch was working I tested it and ~3v was turning on and off at the indicated pins.


it should have 3.3V.
let me know if you have some time for a meeting.