Teralist Controller With Wifi Module

Trying to assist a customer long-distance configure their new Teralist controller with Wifi module. Background - I have sold & installed a handful of the Teralist relay controllers, but never one with the Wifi interface; all of the controllers I’ve worked on have been strictly USB, so apologies in advance for the ignorant questions that follow lol

With that said, I’m wondering if anyone could clarify some things ahead of helping set this new controller up.

I’m reviewing the User Guide for the NexGen Wifi Module. Am I correct that by plugging the Wifi Module into the Teralist board, it goes into Configuration Mode automatically?

Then, they would go through the config to set up connection to their network.

So what happens then? I’m assuming that they would then launch the NCD Base Station software to configure their events? I’m using v4.0.8; is there an updated version that will allow them to connect via Wifi instead of the Com Port I’m used to?

I have another customer with a very similar set of events that I can use to program this board. This one was ordered last month in December of 2023. Can I take my saved .rte file from 2020 and save it to this board without any issues? Would save a bunch of time creating events.

It should automatically go into Configuration mode, but if it doesn’t you can just press the C button on the module to go into configuration mode. Configuration mode is indicated by a flashing blue light on the WiFi module.

After the set up the WiFi module to connect to their network you’ll want to make sure its in run mode indicated by a flashing green LED on the wifi module.

Base Station will then be able to connect to it via TCP and make configuration. It should automatically be found by Base Station under the Network section. When Base Station connects to it the LED should turn solid green.

As long as Base Station can connect to the board and access the files it doesn’t matter if its connected over TCP or Serial Port they will both act the same once a connection is established.