Telemetry Package for Air Quality CO2 Temperature Humidity Particulate Matter Sensor

I have recently ordered Air Quality CO2 Temperature Humidity Particulate Matter Sensors that will connect to a Wi-Fi Micro Gateway for Microsoft® Azure®.
Can I trouble someone for a sample of the sensor JSON package or point me to where it can be found in the docs? I can find info on the API packet structure, but I am interested in the JSON format.
Thank you,

The format of the JSON object published to Azure will depend on how you configure the device to ingest data to your IoT Hub.

Will you send data to the IoT Hub via the Device twin or via Device to Cloud messages?

Hi Travis,
The short answer is Device to Cloud messages (I thought). However, I am having trouble finding more information on this related to the NCD Azure Gateway. What I envisioned is that after the Gateway is configured and ‘connected’ to an IoT Hub instance - when a sensor connects to the Azure Gateway, a corresponding device(twin) of that sensor is instantiated. That device will have telemetry that I can view - I typically use Azure IoT Explorer to check my packages. It is this device to cloud package that I was asking about.
It is not my intention to use nodes under the Gateway Device Twin, but please let me know if my assumptions above are incorrect.
Thank you!