Tank Level Sensor Ultrasonic Long Range Wireless

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i am about to buy the ncd.io level ultrasonic wireless sensor and my enquiry is about sending data to my dashboard using API, is there away to send data directly to ubidots dashboard using API? i am thinking to attach another box with boron with Simcard to get data from this wireless sensor using xbee then i send data to the cloud, is this something you recommended or there is an alternative way?

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Yes, it can be done.
You will need following parts

Xbee shield for feather module ( its not on website but we can get you one for free :slight_smile: while placing order mention this " send free PR54-5 see Bhaskar")
Xbee module with PC profile

Or you can get this edge pc

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one of our client from oil and gas industry is doing exactly same and also wrote research paper

Thanks a lot, so the xbee shield will connect to feather screw with boron or argon? that’s really interesting :slight_smile:

please if you have documents/ drawing, explaining more about the connection that will be great.

Many Thanks

it will be a plug and play shield
checkout the drawing section here