Tank Level Sensor losing communication

I have a tank level sensor that will send accurate data as it should for a day or so, then stops sending. When a reading is forced by pressing the reset button it will send and work for another day or so. I have done several factory resets and reconfigurations, but the problem persists. I have a few other level sensors with the same settings and have not had issues with them. The battery for the problematic sensor is going down at a rapid rate compared to my other sensors as well. Any ideas?

can you check the radio sleep setting ?
do you have a usb or ethernet modem ?

I do not have either, I am still only using Node Red on the Gateway.

I will purchase an ethernet modem today.

I have an ethernet modem and it is set up with sensor data coming in. What would be the next step?

  1. switch the jumper to USB ( in the modem)

  2. open the radio in xctu

  3. change network ID to 7BCD

  4. put the problamtic sensor in cfg mode

  5. run remote xbee scan

  6. check sensor xbee sleep setting

here is decent video recorded by old me

@Bhaskar What should the sleep mode be set to? It is showing Async. Pin Sleep [1]. Is this the correct setting or does it been to be changed to Normal?

yes that is the correct setting.
update the radio firmware and it will ask if you want to retain the settings, select yes