Standalone Industrial Vibration Temperature Sensor

I have a black cylindrical Standalone Industrial Vibration Temperature Sensor and a Wireless USB Modem. I can not find any documentation specific to the Standalone Industrial Vibration Temperature Sensor. The documentation on that products website is for other sensors. Where is the proper documentation?

I have powered up the USB Modem and told Alpha Station which com port it’s using. However I can not get the sensor to show up in the sensor viewer window of Alpha Station. I am not sure how to reset this sensor because the documentation listed is for other sensors. I have tried pressing the reset button. I also tried pressing the reset button then immediately holding the cfg button for 20 seconds. Nothing I do seems to help the sensor show up in Alpha Station.

Additionally it’s extremely frustrating to me that I can not get someone on the phone to help me with this. We are looking at sourcing over 500 sensors for our condition monitoring system, but with lack of proper support I am thinking very hard about using another vendor. You can’t have an enterprise product without enterprise support. Forum first support is absurd, I need to talk to someone.

The documentation on these products is garbage. It’s also completely inconsistent and reused for different products.

Can anyone help me get this sensor going?

Product manual can be found here. its list right on the product page under resources section.

use this sensor with node red not alpha station.

We tried to call back you multiple times and it went to voice mail.

happy to get on a zoom call once you have installed the node red.

First of all, the manual you linked on the product page says to use Alpha Station. Secondly, step 3 in the manual is directions for a different sensor, not this one. So the manual is completely misleading and incorrectly reuses information from other manuals. The manual doesn’t explain what the buttons do for this sensor nor does it explain how to connect it to a gateway.

How do I connect node-red to the sensor without connecting the sensor to any kind of gateway? Where are the instructions for connecting this sensor to a gateway?

You guys claim an average 5 minute response time on your forum but it took over 2 hours for me to get a response and the response was minimal.

did you install node red ?

Yes. However the NCD packages for node-red have failed to install using both methods in the directions…