Solid state relays default to 'on'

I wired the power supply and load as shown and when I turn the power supply on, the load is powered. Do the relays default to on?

I am using the ZADSSR8xPROXR with 60VDC/20A solid state relays.


The relays will only turn on at power up if you programmed the board’s default power up status to all relays on.

Are the Relay status LEDs on the board on? If not then the loads should not have power. Can you provide a photo of how you have things wired or a diagram showing how they are wired?

I think i figured it out. I found conflicting documentation on the polarity of the output terminals.

This shows the + terminal on the module’s left:

This shows the + terminal on the module’s right:


Hi Tim,

We install AC and DC relays on the same board so I can see how documentation might conflict since the terminals are reversed on those two different relay types. I’ll look into making some updates to the docs for this.

Both images were labeled DC Solid State Relays - I definitely was scratching my head for a while until I found the 2nd picture and reversed the leads.