SMS on the IoT Edge Computer

Is there a node-red package that would allow SMS messages to be sent/received on the IoT Edge Computer through the LTE modem? Or will I need to do some integration with a modem manager somehow to achieve this functionality? Any suggestions are welcome.


You can send text messages via Email. This library can be installed in Node-Red and will give you the ability to send emails from the IoT Edge Computer as long as it has internet connectivity(via LTE in your case):
# node-red-node-email-variable

I am looking for a solution that does not require an internet connection. I am aware of the SMS over email technique. Although, if I could have a reliable internet connection I would probably use a service like twilio. I know it is possible to communicate with these modems with serial AT commands or with ModemManager in Linux. I was just wondering if someone had already accomplished this through node-red using these IoT Edge Computers.

Not to my knowledge. Node-Red does however have an Exec node which allows you to execute terminal commands so if you can generate a text message via the terminal it can be done in Node-Red as well.

I will probably start by trying this in a custom function. serialport-gsm - npm Can’t do it yet because I haven’t received my device yet.