Smart Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration Temperature Sensor

I have two of these:

I changed the batteries by sliding out the board, replacing the batteries, and then carefully sliding the board back in along the slotted sides and then gently pushing the board into the connector.

I am now receiving this error:
“Error found, Sensor Probe may be unattached”


Hi Mark,
There is a sensor board at the bottom of the enclosure and it connects to main board using a board to board connector. Looks like its not making a good connection. check and see if any pins are bent.

Hi Anil,

Yes, I checked the connector and it’s not bent on either device. I can feel the board slide down and make contact with the connector, then a small push to connect. However, I still get the error.

can you share your online order number ?

[Order #542367] (January 2, 2024)
This is for one sensor. I do not have the order # for the second sensor, but it’s under the same account.

i will recommend sending these back.