Serial Controlled Relay Board 16-Channel 5-Amp ProXR

Hello All,

I need help to control the ProXR relays over direct serial connection.

my goal is to write a C# class to control the relay, the class that send direct command over serial exists and i can use the NCD software to control them, but how can i control them directly ?

Any advise ? mybe a DLL ?


We actually do have a .dll for that. It’s in our NCD Component Library download here:

If you have any questions on this please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hello Travis,

This is exectly what i nedded thanks !!! but can i use it without winform ?
im missing these methods without winform:


To be completely honest I do not program in C# and this was developed by a couple other engineers here. I will CC them in and see if they can assist with that.

@Ryan or @Shirui_Xu_Software_D can one of you answer @idan357’s question?

It is possible. You can create NCDComponent from the code directly. Please refer the sample of serial port from Microsoft. NCDComponent is similar with serialport object. Or you can use serial port directly.
Shirui Xu

Hello And thanks.

Ive solved this by crated an object and set the serial port baud rate and com port manually:

        ncd1.BaudRate = 115200;
        ncd1.PortName = "COM1";