Sensor Data Interval Error

Hello, I’m now using 3 channel current sensor, and I set up the interval time for every 60 seconds.
But sometimes the data come in a very short interval as the pickture shown is 4 seconds, but some cases are less than 1 sec. The first question is this, and second one is below,

This sensor is V3 vibration sensor. I followed the steps of the Youtube video :

But the V3 Vibration sensor interval haven’t changed at all. It’s just 300 sec, same as the default data interval. And this sensor also, it is often two data sets in a very short interval(as you can see, less than 1sec).

Is there any solution that I can try for those problems?
Thank you so much for all your helps!

in V3 sensor do NOT use the delay value. set the delay to zero and use interval value.
set interval to 5min.
during the configuration make sure you are monitoring the configuration status. all commands should have a true response. if not put the sensor back in cfg mode.

same goes for the current sensor. while configuring make sure all commands were true

Thank you for your answer!
It was really helpful but I still have a couple more questions about it,

  • How can I set the interval value?(I only can see Node ID, Delay, Power, and Retries in the node detail page.
  • I followed the steps that explained in the Youtube Video to configure. I saw the config complete message in the Node-Red. Is there a something difference between true response and config complete?

Thank you!

delay == interval value for current sensor
once cfg goes through you should see the cfg results in the debug windows

Thank you,
At your previous answer, you said “V3 sensor do not use the delay value”. Then what about the V3 vibration sensor’s interval value? and can you let me know how I can change the value of its interval value, please?

And okay, I’ll check up the true response after the configuration! I appreciate it!

And there is one thing more, the sensor data sometimes comes twice in a very short interval. Do you know what’s the reason of this?

Thank you for your all helps

there is sampling interval field .
when you get two packets back to back what’s this counter value

Hello, when the current sensor is configured by edge computer, the debug node says like above, is this setting correct?