Send data to Azure iot-central with de Azure micro gateway


I would like to know how I could send data to an Azure Iot-Central application using the NCD Azure Micro Gateway.
I know that I could use Node-Red running on a separate computer to aggregate and translate the data and then send this data direct to Iot-Central.
But I really would prefer to use only the NCD Azure Micro Gateway to get the job done.

Anybody has an idea that could help me ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Currently our Azure gateway is not compatible with the required data structure on IoT Central. We hope to revisit this some time in the future, however IoT Central is still in development so developing a product compatible with it would be risky.

Ok. Thank you for your rapid response.

Do you know if there is a way to send data to the Azure Iot-Central underlying data broker using the MQTT gateway ?


Currently the issue with using our Gateways on IoT Central is the fundamental way our Gateway posts data to the cloud.

Our gateway establishes a single MQTT connection to the broker, then through that connection it posts sensor telemetry messages in a nested Object format sort of like this:

          Temperature: 32
          Pressure: 0

The issue with this is IoT central does not allow for nesting in this way. Each sensor must maintain a unique MQTT socket and the sensor information must be on the top level. So essentially it does not allow for a Gateway device to act as a parent and devices to act as children of that parent. The only way they support this to my knowledge is connecting the Gateway over an AMQP protocol which is a different protocol from MQTT which we have not yet implemented. We are in hopes that Microsoft will change it’s mind on this requirement as IoT Central is still relatively new.