Save data to Excel on your PC

I bought some Iot sensors and USB wireless Modem.
But, I cannot find any driver library. I am unable to find any space to store the data gathered in the USB modem. My ultimate goal is to store measured data in real time as an Excel or txt file.
So, Please help me.

there are few options

  1. use node red
  2. python script
    GitHub - ncd-io/NCDEnterpise-Python: A Python Library to Interface to our Enterprise Wireless Line
  3. visual studio

node red should be the easiest one.


My final goal is to make graph using that data in C#.

  • So, I really want to understand how I use it in C#. Is there any example or exactly method to using C#?
  • Is there any library software that stores data collected by modules?

I’m really thank you for using your time.

  1. i will recommend starting with reading the serial port and displaying the data
    SerialPort.Read Method (System.IO.Ports) | Microsoft Docs
  2. once you can read the data, you should be able to export this to a CSV file
    C#.NET Import/Export CSV Library
  3. at the same time you can also graph the data
    Graph Class (Microsoft.VisualStudio.GraphModel) | Microsoft Docs

we have some visual studio code but is quite big and could take some time to edit but it could be good starting point

It looks like that reading requires some information of your product. Let me ask you again if you do not have any library that can be include in our main code. The library code should be able to provide data.

Do you have a phone number or anything else for quick communications?