Safe Current/Wiring to Supply to 0-10V ADC Board


I’m a student working with the 8-Channel 0-10V Analog to Digital Converter with I2C Interface board and had a couple questions regarding how to use it to properly measure voltage. I’m using 5 identical sensors that require 5 VDC power and output voltages between 0.5 and 4.5 VDC. The sensor has 3 wires: Vin, Vout, and GND, and the power supply is a 5V, 60W power supply.

  1. Would the correct wiring schematic be (a) connect the +5V from the power supply to the Vin terminals of all five sensors (b) connect the ground of the power supply to the ground wires of each of the five sensors and to the ADC (-) terminals on the ADC board, and © connect the Vout wire from sensor #1 to the ADC (+) terminal #1, Vout #2 to ADC (+) #2, etc… ?

  2. Are there any resistors needed anywhere? The supply current to the sensor Vin is listed as being 5mA, but I do not know how to use this information or if it is needed at all.

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The connection will be like this( for sensor)
Vin — 5V of your supply
Gnd ---- Supply ground and ADC input terminal 1 -ve
Vout — ADC input terminal 1 +ve

No need of any external resistors.

You can use these lib


Hello I also need to connect pressure sensor.
I like to confirm if this diagram are correct.

Can I take the 5V source from the I2C 5V soldering a cable to the copper pad?

I attach a image.

@travis1 Can you help me with this ?

Yes, you can use it like this.


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