Rx On 4-20mA PR33-26

I just received two pr33-26 and I am driving them with an Arduino Uno. I am using NCD code exactly, that is found at https://github.com/ncdcommunity/MCP4725_4-20mA_Tx-Arduino/blob/master/MCP4725_4-20mA_Tx.ino. I am not receiving any output mA. I have an output on the serial monitor but nothing else. I used the address scanner for I2C and can see the boards. 0x60, 0x61. Pull up jumper are in place and tried swapping the leads on the meter. I am out of ideas. Help please.

Do you have the loop supply connected ?
I will recommend checking out the wiring diagram on product page under wiring.


Could not find a wire diagram on the product page or the getHub. I will look again.

its under drawing

I was trying to brake down the Data Sheets. Had the ground the wrong way, Thank you.

Got it working great now thank you.