RSSI Not Displayed in Node Red


I recently purchased an Enterprise Gateway and a few NCD wireless thermocouple and 4-20 receivers, and after setting up the Node Red flow, noticed that none of the sensors are reporting RSSI. This is different than my experience previously using the NCD Edge Computer, where RSSI was reported.

Here is a snapshot of what I see in the debug window.

Is this variable missing because I am using the new Enterprise Gateway? Everything else seems to be working as expected.

I have 5 sensors, and none of them are reporting RSSI as a variable.

Thank You

This is a configuration setting on the Wireless gateway node. Double click to edit it, then click the edit button next to the Serial Device Drop Down. There you can check the box for RSSI.

Ah, there it is! Thanks Travis, I feel silly not seeing that before. I swear I checked all the nodes, but alas, that’s how it goes sometimes.

Looks great, everything is reading as it should! Appreciate the quick response.

Not a problem. Let us know if you need anything else.