RSSI meaning IoT Edge Computer

Hi everyone, I´m doing signal test with the sensors and IoT Edge Computer and I have many data but I dont understand what it say.

When I very close to device, measure 40 RSSI, but I dont know what is the limit. The most I measure when I very away is like 80 - 85.

Can you send a equivalance table 0-100 vs that IoT edge computer measure?


@Anil_Bhaskar did you add signal strength percentage to the ncd-red-wireless library? Or did you only add it to specific products?

@fsaavedra please let us know what version of the ncd-red-wireless library is running on your IoT Edge Computer.

I have this version:


Ok. Yes, that is the latest version. I had thought @Anil_Bhaskar added signal strength percentage to the library but it was battery percentage he added.

There are some resources online for converting RSSI to signal strength percentage but honestly signal strength is not really black and white like that. There is no perfect way to convert RSSI to a percentage. This is why cell phones show bars rather than signal strength percentage. I would recommend googling RSSI to learn what it means, then perhaps you could do some conversion of the reading in Node Red as you see fit.

Ok, thanks for the reply Travis,

I gonna use a table of conversion 40 to 80 RSSI,

But my question is wich is the limit of signal ? 80 RRSI??


here is how RSSI is defined

But in the case of the IoT Edge computer, the further the sensor is, the more RSSI it has (80), while if the sensor is next to the IoT Edge computer, the signal is less (40).

In the link you sent it says “0x4 indicates a low signal level”, but on the IoT edge computer the low signal level is 0x50 …