RS282 Ethernet Relay Testing

I’m trying to set this relay up as a door controller. I have it wired up to Assa Abloy Securiton M62s. When I add an event in the Base Station, nothing happens. Any ideas>

@ryan1 can you take a look at this

Which controller are you working with?

The NCD relay is functioning correctly. It’s a software issue. When I set up my event, even if I save it to a file, it’s not there when I come back to it. I had an issue, my fault, but I blew a solenoid on the main door lock (wrong pigtail and voltage). Anyway, I got it wired and working, but on BaseStation my event goes away after I set it. The relay seems to remember it, but I’m just wondering if that’s software functionality? It doesn’t remember the events? Only the relay holds them internally in the memory? Can you answer that question for me? Thanks!

Do you have a part number for the Relay Controller that you are working with?