RS232 timeout question

Using Matlab to send RS232 ASCII codes to PR60-59. Times out waiting for end of line terminator. Config options are CR, LF, CR/LF, etc. Would you know which is correct? Thank you.

a REALLY long time ago i wrote a small matlab script to control relays

Thank you. Your example confirms my own Matlab script, except some of the function names have been updated. However, I am still stumped with RS-232 control to a single QS12-F6 with RP60-59.

Is it correct that the TERM Solder Pad must be bridged with solder for single R2 boards?

If you are using a single controller, leave all solder pads unsoldered.

I was confused by this section of the document, but QS12-F6 with RP60-59 is now working as needed with serial port and Matlab script. Thank you.

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