RPi 3b - I2C Shield - CE Current Monitor Issues

I am having some trouble with my Raspberry Pi 3b+ communicating with the CE/NCD Current Monitor (DLCT27C10). When running “sudo i2cdetect -y 1” there are no devices found even though the Current Monitor was left at the default 0x2a. I have gone through the steps of enabling i2c on the RPi through other web tutorials and tried various additional changes to recognize the board.

A few notes as well about how it is wired currently.
Raspberry Pi 3b+ - Powered via AC adapter to USB
OS - Raspbian Lite
I2C Shield (TOUTPI2) - Shows red power indication light when powered on
CE Current Monitor (20 Amp - DLCT27C10) - Powered via 5V wall adapter from NCD, shows red power indicator. Connected to I2C shield via NCD I2C cable from the IN port on the Current Monitor Board. I2C light shows as red when powered on and connected. No jumpers set.

RPI Output

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

I dont see any issue with the setup. looks like you have connected everything as it supposed to be.
can you share a picture of the setup.?
Did you try connecting any other i2c device to this Pi and see if they show up.

Thank you for your response Bhaskar,
We do not have any other I2C devices to test with.

I will recommend sending out for a repair
I think this board got shipped out without firmware or might got damaged by static.