Router specifications matching with the web-i

The main reason I bought the 32 channel FUSION is control from anywhere through the web-I.I did make an APP (that APP cost a lot money), the APP works very well with the Fusion by cable or Wi-Fi, but the main goal is control from anywhere. Now it been weeks turning around, the issue supposes to be the port forwarding; can you give me the clear specifications of the router?

If you are trying to remotely connect to the board using software(app) then you need to port forward port 2101 for TCP socket connections.

Is the static or dynamic IP a mandatory?


It’s not mandatory to set a static IP address in the board, however if the board’s IP address changes then your port forwarding rule on the router will no longer work. If possible I like to reserve a DHCP address for the board in the router when I can(not all routers support that).

How to set the cellular modem with the web-I (control from anywhere), example?

Our Web-i relay controllers are simple Ethernet devices. I believe your question would be better answered by the modem manufacturer.

I just heard, you are going to discontinue the use lantronix XProPro or Web-I relay controller . I been developing APPs and my cloud dashboard over WEB-I (FUSION 32 CHANNELS). So my concern, I would like to know if the new product will total compatible, I don’t have such as money to develop again.


We’re still evaluating hardware options for the Web-i replacement so its difficult to say how compatible it will be. As of right now its likely that the API for the will change, we will probably remove prototype.js and just use JQuery. Its possible we will remove unused portions of JQuery if size becomes a limiting factor. We will use a much newer version of JQuery. There will probably be a reduced memory size for storage.

Do your apps and cloud dashboards use the web interface or HTTP commands or do they use TCP sockets for communications?