Robustel eg5120 usb access from node-red

I would like know if it is possible to store .csv files on the Enterprise IIoT Gateway (Robustel EG5120) from Node-Red.

I need to log 6 Temperature/Humidity Sensors over time.


Yes, this is possible. I created a flow for a customer previously but it was for a push notification device to log the start/stop run time of equipment. It could be modified for the Temperature/Humidity sensors. I have attached the flow file.

Take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
CSV_Log_Enterprise_Gateway.json (712 Bytes)

Travis, Thankyou for the quick response. I will check it out.


Travis, the file only has one Inject node and no other objects/nodes in the flow. Is that correct?

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