RN-XV WiFly Module SSID Change not connecting

I was able to change the SSID and password to the new one. When I open NCD Base, it will show it as a discovered network device, I can also see it on my IP scanner and router as a client. I hit OK in the Base Station program and the new window opens for coms and says Device Identification Failed. I have been trying to connect via USB as well, but Windows wont allow me to use the suggested port driver, but the light on the dongle board does turn solid red, but when it tries to connect it cant find the correct Baud Rate. Please help.

Are you certain you have an RN-XV module? I ask because we have not sold those modules in several years.

Perhaps you could provide a photo of the WiFi module you are using? Is it this one:

Or This one:

I ordered one of the newer modules, but after ordering, read that it may not work with my Pro Series Relay Control Command Set, how do I figure if it will or wont?

The new NexGen WiFi module doesn’t have any issue with the command set, however it draws more power than the voltage regulator on previous version ProXR Lite Relay controllers can provide so it will not work with the controller you have there.

The Red module you have is, in fact, an RN-XV module. My best guess is that the baud rate of the RN-XV module is not set correctly. It needs to be set to 115200 to match the baud rate of your ProXR Lite relay controller.

There is a full user guide for the module available here:

I recommend installing the XV in the Zigmo as you have, connect it to USB, launch basestation and select the USB to Serial COM port listed on the select connection window. If the COM port is not listed then you will need to install this driver:

Now through Base Station you can open Comm Operator which will allow you to manually enter commands to send to the module for configuration.

baud rate error

Yes, that is what I originally tried, and its what gives me the Baud Rate Error. So is there any work around to make the NexGen wifi module work with my controller?

I havent had luck with the XV. It shows up as a device but just wont run when I connect to it. See attached Pics.

Base Station showing device

I press OK and then get this screen, instead of the screen that should give me the option of which controller I am using.

If that nexgen wifi module will not work with my controller, is there an ethernet module that might?