Resetting original flow on IIoT Enterprise Gateway

On the I was using the Node-Red via It loaded with premade flow that had the Wireless Gateway and the debug node. That configuration was reading the data from the two temperature sensors in the debug from the Wireless USB Modem. I verified the data through Alpha Station.
Everything was fine, then I added the Azure Central IoT through manage palette and it was successful.
My next step was to add the NCD created flow for Azure Central then Node-Red freaked out and gave a lost connection to the server error and lost the flow entirely. The error was related to a Hub library not found.

How do I recreate the original two node connection of just the Wireless Gateway and the debug node? I do not remember the settings.

You can download the original flow file from here:

Thank you, works great.

Are you going to update the video and/or flow to connect to IoT Central?

If not, what is the most efficient way to write either to a CSV or to the Azure SQL db?